How Should We Spend Our Marketing Dollars This Year?

By combining predictive analytics with extensive marketing experience, Markalon enables companies to unlock the potential within their marketing channels, thereby increasing their overall return on ad spend (ROAS). Our proprietary marketing analytics engine provides visibility into the optimal investment for each marketing channel based on the expected return from each at various spend levels – while incorporating the impact that the spend in one channel has on other channels. Over time the solution continually refines the recommended media mix based on changing industry and internal dynamics.

The Power of Automating the Analysis

Born from common pain points across countless companies, we address issues for both Marketers and Finance professionals.  The age-old, annual question of “how should we spend our money this year?” is too often answered by starting with a gut feeling, or what was spent last year.  In today’s data-centric world, we have the ability to project cash flow, cycle time, optimal budgets and ROI with tremendous accuracy.

Simply put, this means better planning, incremental organizational efficiency, and incremental sales without incremental budget. These gains are immediately measurable and impact the bottom line.

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