How do I measure the progress and success of my initiatives?

Markalon’s mission is to be a trusted advisor to our clients by providing analytics that determine the optimal mix of marketing spend – then work directly with them to execute those activities related to the spend. With data as a core piece of our strategy, we pride ourselves on our ability to arm our clients with the information they need to be data-driven organizations for both media mix modeling and marketing execution.

Visibility Into Data That Drives Decision-Making

1. Our media mix modeling engagement will result in analytics that will help you better understand your return on past marketing investments as well as predictive metrics for future spend, including:

   • Historical marketing spend & return by channel

   • Efficiency curves & influence matrix by channel

   • Projections on spend, leads, sales, conversion rates and cost metrics

2. As part of our marketing campaign execution work we will provide insights into the trends in your business. This visibility will enable you to make better business decisions related to:

   • Website and eCommerce traffic, leads, and conversions

   • Awareness metrics (e.g. impressions, GRP)

   • Marketing financial key performance indicators (e.g. campaign ROI)

   • Acquisition and funnel baselines

   • CRM and marketing technology performance

Sample Monthly Analytics Report

We enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to assess data trends, identify areas of improvement, and track results over time. Our Executive Working Sessions provide a forum in which we can review the data analytics and interpret the trends based on our experience.

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