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HEZ specializes in creating self-funded insurance plans for companies that are looking for alternatives to the traditional fully-insured plans. They approached Markalon, a growth-focused, digital marketing agency, with the goal of generating new leads, creating a new website, executing paid campaigns on Linkedin and Google, building a marketing strategy, and much more.


Markalon started by conducting a comprehensive analysis of HEZ's business model and industry trends. They then partnered with internal resources to create a new website that reflected the firm's brand identity and messaging while also optimizing it for search engines (SEO). The website was designed to be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and have clear calls-to-action that would educate multiple different audiences and drive new leads to the sales team.

Next, Markalon developed a multi-channel paid campaign strategy that targeted HEZ’s ideal audience, insurance brokers, through LinkedIn and Google Ads. The campaign was optimized for conversions, and the ads were constantly updated to ensure that they were reaching the right audience at the right time, with the right message.

To support these efforts, Markalon created a content marketing plan that included SEO-optimized blog posts and multiple ad campaigns that would attract and engage HEZ’s target audience. They also worked closely with HEZ’s team to create engaging email campaigns that drove broker leads and helped to nurture those leads until they were ready to engage with the sales team.

Through the implementation of this comprehensive marketing strategy, HEZ was able to generate significant amounts of new leads and grow their business. During the initial optimization phase, Markalon was able to help improve the lead nurture process by building out CRM connections and new processes in Salesforce. The high-quality leads that were generated were nurtured effectively by HEZ’s sales team, resulting in increased conversions and revenue for the firm.

Throughout the engagement, Markalon’s partnership with HEZ demonstrated the value of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included efforts across the entire acquisition life-cycle. By working closely with HEZ’s team, Markalon was able to generate significant business growth and help HEZ achieve their marketing goals.

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