MARKALON is your trusted advisor for building and executing your growth-focused marketing plans.

Marketing Strategy for the Digital World 

Regardless of the industry, all companies are faced with the continual challenge of selecting the optimal marketing portfolio, executing the related activities, and measuring results to ensure they realize the expected return on marketing investment. Although there will always be an “art” to portfolio selection, it is increasingly important to use as much “science” as possible when making decisions. Markalon works closely with companies to ensure the selection, execution, and measurement of their marketing mix is data-driven – not based on “gut feel”.  With decades of experience developing and executing marketing strategies for high growth organizations, Markalon will partner with you to achieve your growth objectives. 

Media Mix Modeling

Our proprietary media mix modeling service uses predictive analytics to identify the optimal media plan for your growth strategy.

Marketing Execution

Our team can execute marketing campaigns across all digital channels including SEO, SEM campaign management, website development, and content creation to effectively target your audience and drive growth.

Data Analytics

Our analytics enable ongoing monitoring & adjustments of marketing initiatives that are critical to achieving the ROI identified when selecting the portfolio of spend.

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