Growth Strategy

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Reaching Growth Goals

In order to achieve your desired growth, each part of the funnel must be clicking on all cylinders. The right leads need to be flowing into the top, processes & technologies need to move the leads effectively through the middle of the funnel, and conversion tactics need to be implemented to close the leads at the bottom. Markalon works closely with your team to ensure we have the right structure in place at each stage of the funnel -as well as the analytics required to provide visibility into the performance throughout.

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There are multiple things to consider when driving leads into the funnel. Without doing the analysis up front to ensure you are generating the right leads from the right channel, your sales team will waste valuable time chasing down low quality prospects. Our methodology addresses the critical questions for the following components in order to optimize lead generation:

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  • Identify your customer persona(s) – who are your target customers, what motivates them, and how can you most effectively target them? Where are they digitally (e.g., which social media platforms are they likely to use), as well as geographically? What user experiences will resonate with them and how do they digest information?
  • Define your media mix – identify the optimal mix of recommended media channels that will drive high-quality leads into your funnel based on where your target customers are consuming information. Our proprietary marketing analytics engine provides visibility into that optimal investment based on the expected return from each channel at various spend levels – while incorporating the impact that the spend in one channel has on other channels.

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Too often the main emphasis is on driving leads – only to have them not followed up with effectively. Markalon works with your team to ensure we have both processes and technologies in place to properly nature our leads:

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  • Define lead nurture processes – define the set of activities that should be taken each time a lead is captured through the website, a phone call, an in person event, or by other means. These processes will include email campaigns, outbound calling, attribution, and retention marketing processes. We will also help you bridge the gap between marketing & sales to fine-tune your lead scoring and send more qualified leads to your sales team.

  • Enable supporting technologies – marketing technologies continue to evolve and become more difficult to understand what is truly needed to manage your pipeline. The Markalon team will develop an end-to-end vision for marketing automation, CRM, personalization, A/B testing, email, and other technologies.

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Our highest value leads are those at the bottom of the funnel – since they have shown a desire and intent to purchase what we are selling. At this point our focus needs to be on optimizing our conversion rate. Markalon will work with you team to ensure your organization is passionate about lead conversion:

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization – ensure the team has visibility into the data necessary for convert our leads; this may include activity on the website (completed forms, downloaded eBooks, etc), personalization details (customer persona, product preferences, etc), and stated obstacles to purchase (price sensitivity, timing, etc).

  • Data Analytics – we will create & share reporting that summarizes our success rate in converting leads by segment, sales rep, or other key dimensions. After benchmarking existing conversion rates and identifying target metrics, we will closely monitor our success to identify any additional areas for improvement.