How Do I Successfully Deliver My Marketing Initiatives?

The greatest marketing strategy will not succeed without strong execution. Markalon has developed a methodology to guide our clients through the execution phase of marketing initiatives. We also augment your staff to execute specific campaigns if you do not have the requisite skillsets or number of resources internally.  

The Importance of Program Governance

After establishing the proper foundation on which to layer additional capabilities, we work with you closely to ensure you have the ability to deliver your upcoming marketing programs by:

  • assessing existing internal marketing skillsets
  • identifying gaps between media mix activities & internal delivery capabilities
  • determining whether to hire additional resources, cross-train existing, or partner with external vendors

Marketing Capabilities Pyramid

From there we will establish a “Program Governance” structure to track ongoing marketing initiatives, identify delivery risks, and escalate issues. Over time we evaluate results, shift resources, and reallocate spend based on results.

Our specialized resources can also lead or support the various marketing activities, such as supporting search engine optimization (SEO), building & managing search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, or providing website maintenance.

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